A Brand selling Facial care products in the US including pigment correcting serum, exfoliating cleanser e.tc were having a rougA health and personal care brand specializing in sun protection products hired us to advertise and exponentially grow sales of their three variations including repair sunscreen and mineral shield. The products gained confidence with 100+ 4.5 ratings, however soon found themselves battling fierce competition for greater market share.h patch with respect to Ads. The CVR was below the industry benchmark, while the revenue should have been significantly higher considering the mass target audience of women the brand was catering



Poor Ad Coverage


Poor CVR


Inadequate Negative Keyword Targeting


Lack Of Placement Modifier


  • Reviewed STIS report to manage impressions and hence increase coverage.
  • Replaced unnecessary Broad campaigns with Broad modifiers.
  • In depth analysis of SQP to extract and negate irrelevant and poor performing keywords.
  • Added 20-60% Placement modifiers for Product Pages.


43% Revenue Surge:

Through these proactive strategies, we achieved a remarkable 43% growth in ad revenue within just 20 days, soaring from $142,450 to an impressive $199,840.

Wider Reach:

Leveraging STIS reports, we expanded ad coverage, increasing visibility resulting in a significant boost in ad impressions by 30%.

Strategic Listing Enhancement:

Tweaking listings with relevant keywords significantly improved visibility through better indexation via SEO.

Conversion Boost:

Analyzing SQP data enabled us to eliminate poor-performing keywords, driving a substantial improvement in conversion rates.

Targeted Precision:

Replacing broad campaigns with strategic modifiers refined targeting, enhancing ad effectiveness and relevance.

Optimized Placement:

Incorporating 20-60% placement modifiers for product pages maximized visibility, driving engagement and conversions.

143% Increase In Ad Revenue in 3 Weeks.

Date Ad reveneu ACoS Total Sales
Week 1 July’22
Week 2 July’22
Week 3 July’22


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