Softolle: Establishing a New Brand in a Competitive Home and Textile Market



Softolle’s products lacked customer reviews.


The home and textile market on Amazon was fiercely competitive.


Category Dominated by Big Players.


  1.  We targeted high-volume keywords with exact match campaigns, emphasizing a high Top of Search (TOS) percentage to boost product visibility.


  2.  Launched video broad campaigns to spotlight product features and quality compared to premium brands, showcasing their unique value proposition.


  3.  Strategically employed auto and broad campaigns for research, enabling data-driven adjustments to their advertising strategy.


  4.  Continuously monitored organic rankings for relevant keywords, adapting advertising and product optimization efforts for maximum visibility.


  • $30K+ Revenue in the First 4 months
  • Less Than 20% TACOS achieved in 5 months
  • Ranked on 5 High-Volume Keyword

In just a few months, Softolle managed to make a mark in the competitive home and textile market, showcasing the effectiveness of the advertising strategies.

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