SkinMedica, a premium skincare brand, had concerns about conversions and aimed to achieve significant growth in the next 6 months while already generating $1.2M in monthly revenue. However, managing advertising at the SKU level with a large catalog of 100+ SKUs became challenging.



Best-selling SKUs were neglected in the campaigns.


Branded and defensive campaigns were absent.


Sponsored brand video ads were not utilized.


Insufficient ad budget allocation.


  1. Increased bids during high conversion periods.

  2. Allocated over 50% of the ad budget to the top 20% best-selling products.

  3. Initiated cross-selling campaigns to boost AOV (Average Order Value).

  4. Created video campaigns using broad match type.

  5. Utilized retargeting campaigns to approach potential customers.


  • Achieved a 20% decrease in ACOS.
  • Experienced a remarkable 65% increase in revenue within 6 months.
  • Witnessed a surge in monthly revenue from $1.2M to $2M.
  • AOV (average order value) increased by 25%.

By implementing these strategies, Skinmedica successfully optimized its advertising efforts, increased revenue, and improved the overall performance of its campaigns, leading to significant growth and success in the competitive skincare market.

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