Little Label, a German-based brand selling sleepwear and T-shirts for children, faced challenges as they heavily relied on auto campaigns.



Sole reliance on Auto campaigns


Targeting wrong SKUs in their advertising efforts.


Not utilizing Sponsored Brand product collection campaigns.


  1. Prioritized creating broad and exact campaigns on relevant keywords using Sponsored Product ads.

  2. Utilized Sponsored Brand campaigns to showcase various sizes and colors available in their catalog.

  3. Implemented a cross-selling strategy to promote different designs.

  4. Targeted expensive brands with below-par designs and high pricing to attract their customers.


  • Achieved a remarkable 140% increase in revenue.
  • Attained a 5 ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).
  • Witnessed a significant 200% increase in impressions.
  • AOV (average order value) increased by 25%.

By diversifying its advertising strategy, focusing on relevant keywords, and employing Sponsored Brand product collection campaigns, Little Label effectively boosted their revenue and ROAS, while also expanding its brand visibility and attracting potential customers with impressive results.

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